The game changer

The Italian prosecco that has conquered the USA has a new brand positioning and identity. A disruptive image that interprets its pioneering attitude and unconventional vision. Packaging design, corporate video, digital guidelines for the trade and, last but not least, the stand at Vinitaly Fair take shape from the new strategic positioning. In line with the Game Changer positioning, the new website also offers a memorable, immersive, and captivating user experience.

Zardetto breaks the rules, invents new rituals, and wears original clothes, always following a single principle: the authenticity of its product and fidelity to its DNA as a forerunner and innovator.

The branding project celebrates every element of the brand - the heritage, the strength of a real (not presumed) Italian name, the charm of a wine that has cheered up Venetian festivities for centuries, as well as the credibility acquired on the US market, the to be ahead of the times, the aptitude for experimentation and innovation firmly anchored in the best Italian know-how dedicated to the product.

The Z becomes a brand, symbol, icon, and memorable sign of identity. More than the last letter of the alphabet, the beginning of a surprising experience, of a fascinating journey into the most contemporary Italian spirit. Black on the outside and shiny on the inside, the label opens onto 4 works of art created ad hoc by the Milanese studio: transposition onto the canvas of the notes and organoleptic composition of each product.

A mask to be removed as in Venetian festivities. A window to open to an exciting journey on the art of fully savoring the typically Italian life. Unexpected color brushstrokes, material textures, and instinctive paintings reveal and amplify the full taste of Zardetto Prosecco, leaving us to perceive and anticipate a surprising, bewitching drinking experience. The colors caress the sight, tickle the sense of smell, and the soft textures light up the touch. The artistic touch awakens unexpected emotions, and anticipations of an unforgettable taste experience.

A product that doesn't follow trends but dictates trends, that doesn't play the game but changes its rules, that challenges clichés and conventions. A free spirit, with the flicker of small provocation, refined irony, and light-hearted elegance, in perfect Italian style.

The Z becomes a brand, an icon, a sign of identity.
The beginning of a fascinating journey into the most contemporary Italian world.

Black on the outside and shiny on the inside, the label is a mask to be removed as in Venetian party. A window to open towards an exciting journey in the Italian art of living.

The labels reveal a collection of artworks: transposition on the canvas of the notes and organoleptic composition of each wine.

B2B tools go digital. The brand guidelines are developed on an agile website that is easy to use and share.

The website is designed to offer the user an immersive experience: the navigation is a playful disclosure of the contents.

As a true game changer, the Vinitaly stand also offers an immersive, engaging and unexpected experience, with mirrors, screens, and projections that attract the eye and lead into an unexpected world.