We are

We are a creative lab in the heart of Milan, the capital city of Italian Design. This is the place where brands are born, evolve, and change to successfully meet the fluid context of the modern scenario, while keeping the focus on their own identity. In our method, strategy and design work always together, in order to create customized solutions and give companies every tool they need to express their uniqueness.

A multidisciplinary creative hub

Our team includes more than 95 brand and design professionals. Expert advisors and young talent with design training, but different backgrounds and vertical skills. Within this flexible, modular hub, the work teams are set up based on the client’s characteristics and needs. Disciplines converge, cultures meet, categories blend, the most innovative skills interact with the time-tested profession, to design multi-channel brand experiences that are always original and never standardized.

We promote
the culture of uniqueness and resist conformity.

We promote a culture of corporate uniqueness and resist conformity.
A participatory creative process rather than stale or pre-packaged solutions.
Thanks to that approach, each project comes from listening closely to clients and keeping their team fully involved.
This guarantees solutions that are never imposed from outside, but rather something the company can closely identify with.
A collaboration that leads to creating long-lasting ties and makes us a real partner for each company.