Our expertise in Wine Branding

Wine is historically one of our markets of choice. We were born with a focus in this sector in 1984.
This makes us the longest-standing Italian branding agency in this field.
And from the time of our establishment to the present day, it has continued to be one of our key markets, following the
evolution of the times, wineries and scenarios.

The focus on the winery is what sets us apart. Our approach to branding is never an exercise in design for its own sake, but a profound enhancement of the true soul of the winery and its wines. An interpretation of the company that is intersected and enriched by a constantly updated and transversal vision of the Italian and international scenario, a multidisciplinary outlook that draws on and learns from other and related sectors, a visionary, creative, generous approach to design.

The strong product culture matured over so many years has made it possible for us to find adequate answers to the requirements of excellent local wineries,
both small and very small, and to those of major international groups, as well as to the challenge of Italian and foreign markets, developing bespoke projects every time, from the most strategic and foundational to the most refined and evolved applications of detail.


Companies grow, they improve their products, they innovate, they add new references.
In response to this growth, there is often a need to put the portfolio in order,
consolidate the family feeling, improve the presence and impact on the shelf, reorganise the architecture of the product range for clearer navigation.


A highly engaging experience of discovery, achieved through an open dialogue with people, a visit to the winery and an emotional tasting session, all of which allow us to get to know the company intimately and bring the brand, its messages, and its expressions into sharp focus.


There are wines and wineries with a great history, deserving of much respect. In these cases, restyling is conservative and careful to safeguard the most meaningful elements of identity.
Other times, the evolution of the winery and the market require a more decisive change of pace, capable of interpreting the level reached and the new course of the enterprise.