From hotel to home

Not just an excellent supplier for hotels, spa and restaurants. Rivolta Carmignani decided to become a relevant brand in the B2C market and this is what this project is aimed to. The company has been supplying fine household linen from its premises in Macherio, Italy for over 150 years. The quality of the fabric and the company’s tailoring expertise have made it a world leader in the premium restaurant and hotel industry since the late-1800s. The company’s aim was to return to consumers’ homes, thanks to the savoir faire that most of its competitors have now lost, and thanks to products of timeless sophistication. 

The project was inspired by a desire to reveal an authentic, authoritative, time-honoured history of which the general public is unaware. The chance to turn its incredible know-how in the luxury hotel business – with all the positive associations that go with it: dreams, travel, etc. – into a distinctive and desirable factor in the long term was the main strategic goal that provided the brand with a unique, three-dimensional profile.