Each name has its own story to tell..

The name is a sound, which opens a door to an unknown part of the world.
The name suggests a colour, which accompanies the rhythm of a new word. 
The name inspires a flavour, sometimes sweet, sometimes sharp.
The name reveals a tactile sensation, from which it draws plasticity.
The name alludes to a fragrance, which arouses emotion. 

The name establishes the existence of something which did not previously exist. A company, a product, a service.

It is the cornerstone of brand identity, the core of its promise and its difference.

This is why it is important to create a name that aligns closely with the company's positioning and business goals. A quest that stems necessarily from talking to the customer and sharing the launch strategy of the new product/service/company.

Imagination and reason

The process of creating a new name begins with this combination. The first step in the work is a sensory experience, designed specifically every time.

An immersive workshop in which the search for a name is stimulated by a series of specifically planned experiential moments. Tasting particular foods, immersion in a kaleidoscope of colours,
listening to selected music, exploring olfactory landscapes, experiencing tactile sensations.

A team put together especially for each project

The other element that characterises the research in addition to these different experiences which trigger the creative process is the multifaceted nature of the skills involved. Not just naming
specialists, creative directors and designers, but also writers, artists, chefs, students.... from different countries.

A team put together especially for each project, in which the active presence of the customer is central.
Together with us, they take part in the initial creative process, so that every solution proposed satisfies the rationale of the strategy.