Beyond the surface, the expressive power of paper

The historical Italian paper company, Gruppo Cordenons, relaunches with a founding brand project redefining its placement, identity, languages and offer.
And becoming myCordenons.

After joining the Fedrigoni Group, the Italian paper manufacturer Cordenons felt the need to highlight its identity and its proposal to the market in a new way, in relation to the other players in the Group and in the sector.

Bringing the attitude of a close, flexible, positive, direct company to the fore, Cordenons becomes myCordenons. A nuance rich in meaning that accounts for the company's ability to place the customer and consumer at the centre, allowing them a completely personal use of paper: eclectic, multifaceted and proprietary.

The new “myCordenons” brand lends substance to the new brand placement: "myPower. myPaper."
A placement that emphasises Cordenons' masterful agility in creating extraordinary products at the service of the project, offering the client the power of absolute imaginative freedom. 

The new brand positioning is also a guide and the basis for the reorganisation of the range and the catalogue, which groups the different types of paper into three macro-areas, expressing their characteristics and potential to the fullest: myCordenons Agile (classic papers), myCordenons Instinct (iconic and innovative papers), myCordenons Bespoke (unique and tailored papers).

Language and architecture of the range find their fulfilment in the myPower Kit, an unprecedented object conceived and designed ad hoc by Robilant for myCordenons. A modular catalogue that can be extended and updated, a portable briefcase that reorganises the lines and products into nimble mini-books, facilitating the maximum flexibility of those who use it - all the papers with me all the time vs. I carry only what I need.

The sample-booklets can be browsed thanks to a specially designed marker code: an intuitive key, suitable for making the main features of the papers immediately obvious. The kit has a unique audio speaker made entirely of paper and a special space for a smartphone so that creativity can find the soundtrack it needs to express itself at all times.

Completing the project, the revamped website becomes a brand tool and not just a product tool. It is also an expression of the new tone of voice and stylistic hallmark in product storytelling: lots of the special papers are presented using video-moods that aim to enhance their specific sensations and characteristics through an imaginative and dreamy visual language. The website does justice to the new brand in terms of identity and personality and, following the new organisation of the offer, translates it into a user-friendly navigation system and filters, creating a complete synergy with the MyPaper kit.


Beyond the surface, the intuition was to transcend the specificity of matter, releasing the energy and expressive power of paper.

The color code was designed to guide in choosing the most suitable paper for each project.

Creativity always has its soundtrack with it.

MyPower Kit is an extensible and updatable modular catalog,
a portable case that reorganizes the lines and products into agile mini-books.