A new identity that looks towards the future

LaCimbali renews its identity and brand tagline and becomes LaCimbali Project.
The meaning of Project is written in its own etymology. From the late Latin: PRO = ahead and JACERE = to throw. Throw ahead.

LaCimbali is a brand characterized by a relentless drive towards the future. A thrust determined by an engine that is always on: the search for perfection in cup.
A goal that does not admit distractions and that "puts everyone to work": engineers, designers, technicians, sensory scientists.
In an extremely simple and incisive way, Project tells about openness, innovation, collaboration, the union of an emotional (desire) and rational (planning) component, style and performance.

Project is also perfectly linked to the iconography of the red line that characterizes the new brand identity. A sign of union and push forward, the line represents the accuracy of La Cimbali design and tells of the infinite search for perfection. A path that began in 1912, when espresso was at its origins, and called to set the future of the brand.