Robilant for Cimbali Group

M40 is the new LaCimbali project espresso machine. Everything about it is future-oriented: the technology that drives it, the sustainability it achieves, the design that distinguishes it and makes it so unique.

And it is in this design, which features large touchscreen panels, that the vision of a brand is projected, interfacing with the world of the barista and the customer, both of today and tomorrow. The entire communication developed for the launch is about this three-hundred-and-sixty-degree projection.

The M40 design began with a complex 3D reconstruction of the object combined with images inspired by sustainability, technological innovation, ergonomics, and the dispensing and consumption experience.
With a single vision: the future.

These powerful syntheses between object-machine and projected worlds were masterfully rendered in 3D, creating a journey that powerfully showcased brand values, product features, and all possible worlds of consuming.

To achieve this, the Agency deployed multidisciplinary skills and multiple talents: 3D artists, video editors, musician-composers and vocalists, besides the design team.

A choral exercise that reveals the "tailor-made" nature of the project.