Discovering the noblest side of vodka

Keglevich, one of the world’s most historic and iconic brands, enters a new era with a brand new look representing its 100-plus-year history and consolidated productive know-how.

To support the relaunch operation, Stock Spirits Group has chosen us as a partner for the redefinition of the Keglevich visual identity and reconstruction of the heritage of one of its top brands.

Our team has developed a meticulous documentation work – a search lasting several months – we have unveiled unpublished documents on the history of Count István Keglevich, finally giving him a face and discovering peculiar episodes of his life that nobody knew before.

The starting point of the restyling operation has been the evolution of Keglevich’s most distinctive element: the eagle. Elevated from icon to emblem of noble roots, today it represents the historic nature and qualitative excellence of the brand. This transformation was accompanied by a return to classicism, with an emphasis on attention to detail and narrative enrichment.

The new graphic design also underlines the distinctive elements of the production process that make Keglevich one of the purest vodkas in the world, made of high-quality cereals, ancient grains, six distillation steps and produced in Poland, the par excellence ‘land of vodka’.

Moreover, the relaunch will consolidate the redefinition of a single brand with two different but coherent souls: Dry and Fruit. In this passage, catering to the pursuit of a greater visual synergy between the two lines, we have chosen to eliminate the sleeve that has distinguished the Fruit line for many years to glorify the purity of the vodka’s content and elevate, at the same time, its qualitative perception.

Finally, the rebranding operation highlights Keglevich’s most nonconformist and eccentric nature: an inheritance from its founder and his rebellious character. The new campaign aims to celebrate this spirit and glorify the iconic nature of the new Fruit line through dreamlike visions describing the goodness of the Keglevich fruit in unexpected ways.

The visual revamp also contributes to giving new lifeblood even to the brand’s most experimental side, as proven by the launch of the brand-new Ready to Drink line, designed to attract new consumers and define the new Keglevich era.