Enoteca Lunelli

The modern wine shop inspired by the original Enoteca

Much more than e-commerce. enotecalunelli.com conveys the Lunelli Group's vision.
The story began way back in 1927: Bruno Lunelli opened a wine shop in the centre of Trento. and crossed paths with Giulio Ferrari, who entrusted his winery to Lunelli in 1952.
Almost a century later, the Lunelli Group - which now boasts Ferrari Trento and other excellent brands such as Tenute Lunelli, Bisol1542, and Segnana - is introducing enotecalunelli.com.
A virtual space inspired by the spirit of the original wine shop.
A digital platform that conveys the values that inspire the Lunelli Group and its brands.

The website is characterised by evocative black-and-white images and a red line that ideally links the various brands.
The identity is a light and contemporary red symbol, reminiscent of the arches of Villa Margon, the Group's sixteenth-century headquarters, as well as the contours of the mountain landscape, uniting all of the Group's production sites.

The red thread is also reminiscent of a signature of the Lunelli family, as guarantors of the various brands, all symbols of uncompromising quality, of ties with the areas where they are produced, of elegance and Italian style. A red line that connects excellence and elegance, linking respect for the territory and the quest for beauty, which translate into wines that are cherished throughout their journey, arriving in the homes of wine-lovers via a high-level unboxing experience.

The site, which is just waiting to be explored, even offers the possibility to customise certain labels to create a unique gift or make an occasion unforgettable. There is also the chance to buy Limited Editions or historical vintages and to experience the magic of a visit to the cellar or a dinner at Locanda Margon, following the path of Italian Excellence.

Enoteca Lunelli's logo is the perfect combination of elegance and refinement.
Inspired by the arched shapes of Villa Margon and the mountains of Trento.

More than just an e-commerce, an exclusive journey through the excellence of Italian beverages.

A dedicated shooting of the customized packaging celebrates the attention to details.