London Dry Gin

Made by the oldest and most rewarded distillery in England for Gruppo Montenegro, this London Dry Gin boasts an image that is both refined and extremely original, as befits a true Londoner.

Edgar Sopper is the most sagacious of the ravens resident at the Tower of London: according to legend, he pretended to be dead to attract the attention of the Guardian, but when the latter picked him up in his alarmed hands, he pecked his finger and then flew away with a mocking grin.
Having become an emblem for the brand, his "humour" has become the hallmark of all moments of communication with the consumer.

The tailor made glass shape, recalls the stylistic features of the most classic botanical icon, Kew Gardens.

The ingredients chosen for its formula are illustrated on the label and enhanced at the various touchpoints.

The brand imagery is completed with all the most iconic subjects of the London scene, illustrated or photographic.

As well as being used as a refined texture on the different BVI materials.