120 years in love with Malbec

Inspired by adventures of the Argentine winery’s long-lasting legacy, Milanese branding firm turns a family history into a legendary myth Following the near extinction of Malbec in Europe, by the 19th century phylloxera epidemic, Nicolás Catena Zapata led the renaissance of the grape in Argentina.


Robilant signs the communication campaign, now on air in the US, of the Argentinian winery Catena, judged "World’s Best Vineyard" in 2023. Since its foundation, the winery has taken care of the preservation and ennoblement of the Malbec grape variety, becoming its undisputed leader thereafter. To pay homage to a family tradition, now in its fourth generation, Robilant has created a communication strongly focused on the manual illustrative style and on allegory, based on which all the characters of the "family saga" assume a dedicated narrative function.

The profiles of this story unfold, in the logic of the saga, as the chapters of a book, becoming compelling episodes that the consumer is pleased to "read" in the individual animations that the video proposes.

In true Robilant style, the campaign manages to celebrate the historical heritage of the brand with a great projection forward, thanks to the fresh style with which it communicates from all media: billboards and bus wraps, “monumental" activation as the mural reproduced in Melrose Place, Los Angeles, with a photo opp that allows passers-by to retract in a toast with the winery, and a large press campaign, started in the New York Times, and continued, thanks to an animated video of 30 and 50 seconds, in the digital world and on social media.