Campari Soda

The Italian aperitif

Ten years after our last restyling, Campari Soda, the Italian aperitif, has been given new iconic appeal, combining the brand’s heritage and an avant-garde approach. The brand’s new visual identity capitalises on iconic features – the logo, the bottle, the cap, the brand’s trademark red and white colours – crystallised in an identity that embraces and incorporates the brand’s key messages – the date and place it was founded, the recipe, the founder, consumption rules and rituals – and gets them to ‘synchronise’ with the brand as a graphic and integral part of it.

The challenge was to take on board a great legacy and translate it into a light-hearted language, a playful identity in keeping with the brand’s mood, orienting it towards the future without being sidelined by vintage constraints or nostalgia, but using the past as a springboard to launch it towards the future. Whilst respecting Campari Soda’s personality, the new identity is bright and charismatic, both Italian and international, familiar and sociable; in short, a true ‘Made in Italy’ icon. It’s a new tribute to Italian art, corporate savoir faire and design.

A combination of brand’s heritage and an avant-garde approach.
The future is written in the past.